In addition to our simplified Truly Flat-Rate pricing scheme and our easy online ordering system, we also offer heavy discounts (up to 50% off!) on our already competitive prices. Normally when you are ordering a design you make a one-time payment pertaining to just that order. However, you can purchase a discount pack upfront and get a % discount on an n number of orders.

For e.g., you purchase our 50% discount pack. This is a bundle of 50 designs, so once you’ve made the payment – the next 50 designs you order will be priced half-off for you.

All the discount packages are listed here, you can securely checkout via PayPal; you do not need a PayPal account to pay.

For more information about our discount packs, please contact us, or email us at

Sample Designs

We understand that customers want the best value for their money, and fully expect to get the best quality possible. For your convenience, and as a sign of confidence in our own ability, we’ve provided 3 sample designs for you to freely download and examine – please check out our Discount Packages page to download the designs.