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Zootopia – Machine Embroidery Designs – 22 characters

75% off – Zootopia machine embroidery designs for 4x4in hoop – 22 characters – resizeable with a freely downloadable utility.

Excellent gift for your loved one – can be embroidered on popular embroidery machines like Brother, Singer, Janome, Pfaff, etc.

You are purchasing a digital file, not a patch. This instantly downloadable digital file needs to be …

$14.58 $10.94

75% off – Zootopia machine embroidery designs for 4x4in hoop – 22 characters – resizeable with a freely downloadable utility.

Excellent gift for your loved one – can be embroidered on popular embroidery machines like Brother, Singer, Janome, Pfaff, etc.

You are purchasing a digital file, not a patch. This instantly downloadable digital file needs to be loaded onto a computerized embroidery machine to sew.

Every order comes in the following formats: – ART, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, XXX & EMB.

There is a Production Sheet in PDF format, which shows the color sequence, number of stitches and dimensions of the design.

The most important file is EMB, this file will enable you to resize the design with a free downloadable utility called TrueSizer by Wilcom – available at https://www.wilcom.com/en-us/products/truesizerproducts.aspx

However, it is not recommended to resize the design more than 10% larger or smaller can result in poor embroidery quality.

As it is a digital file, no refunds are offered – we can offer assistance if you face any problem with sewing the design.

All embroidery design files purchased from us cannot be resold or freely given away, either as is or after editing or alterations – you can use it for any commercial or personal embroidery.

Files purchase are in ZIP format. Please use any free archive software as WINZIP, WINRAR or 7 -ZIP to get to the design files included.

Here is a free sample that you can download to check the quality of our work and also if our files will work on your PC.

Download here: – http://indiandigitizer.com/BabyUnicorno.zip

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